"Overcoming anything requires interrupting a pattern in order to create a new one." - Ashton Long

Discounts for Cotton Rack Purchase. You can use PROMISEOFWORK for 30% or you can use HELPINGHANDS for 15% off.

At Cotton Rack, we have always loved to create minimal designs in handspun handwoven fabrics. Our design philosophy has always been to play with the beautiful fabric that our spinners and weavers have been making in clusters of West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir.
We usually refrain from calling our clothing sustainable because we believe sustainability will always be a by-product. We also refrain from offering any kind of discounts on our product because we believe we need not pull unnecessary gimmicks to pull consumers, when the job is being done responsibly. However, the same responsibility towards our artisans makes us reach out to you today.
To make sure that we can continue paying our craftsmen & craftswomen (spinners, weavers, dyers, helpers & tailors) while they work or just spend time with their family in the safety of their homes, we have decided to offer two different limited-time discount offers on a minimum purchase of ₹1500/- (except on gift cards). You can use these codes for your online purchase till 14th April (update: now valid till 3rd of May, 2020) on our website. All purchases made with the discount code and otherwise shall be dispatched once it is safe to do so.

Discount codes-

PROMISEOFWORK gives you 30% off, while giving enough money to support our artisans.

HELPINGHANDS gives you 15% off, and gives us enough to sustain longer while supporting our artisans.

In addition, We are also offering special gift cards that can be redeemed at any time by you or your loved ones.

Link to Gift Cards- https://cottonrack.com/products/cotton-rack-gift-card

We are extending these offer in hope that you cherish your purchase with the feeling of putting a smile on the faces of our Artisans.

Stay home, Support Indian.

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