It's Okay

It is a long hard road ahead for you, little warrior. Enjoy a happy day while you can. -Boldred

Staircase made out of stone going upwards towards lush green trees. A photograph from Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

In the present situation, we are spending our days in several different ways than the usual. Some of us are utilizing the time and learning new things, some are exploring old hobbies. Most of us are also helping out our family with daily chores. All this while we continue to work from home and strategize on how to plan for the road ahead. People who are outgoing and enterprising have taken initiatives to help others and provide for them by raising funds and supplying food. Above all, some of us are health worker and frontline fighters who are probably working beyond exhaustion and deserve all our love, care and respect.
This post is not for anybody mentioned above.
While, a lot of work is going on, some of us are currently struggling to do anything. A lot is on our head and a ton needs to be done, yet, we sit idle or hide ourselves from what is happening around us and try to keep calm. For some anxiety and sadness creeps in from corners in this isolation which doesn’t let us do anything. Some of us worry about the future and the unsurety that the current situation has thrown us into. If you find yourself into this situation of idleness and unproductivity and the depression/anxiety because of it, this post or rather what follows is for you.
Remember, you are not alone in this. Know that even the most confident of the people are just as unsure as you are. And in case, your current unproductivity gives you anxiety or depression or any kind of mental stress. Worry not, it's ok. While a large population is going to be in a worst situation in coming days, you are fairly in a safer space because you are able to read this. You've have resources around you. Use this time or whatever is left of it to relax and rest yourself, worrying is not going to give you anything anyways.
Think of it as a vacation that came your way, it is okay to rest and relax and nobody is going to judge you for this. Those who might judge you, don't know you and what you are going through. At the end of this all there's a future that will draw you back in the rut of life. A good rest now will prepare you better for whatever comes next. A calm mind is more constructive, creative and prepared. Resting is natural and don't worry if you didn't do anything, sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do. Rejuvenate in time that has come to you. It's ok not to do whatever you are not doing. Only that it's totally not ok to stress about your current phase, a situation beyond control and an unsure future.

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