Coming Out!

A Langur sitting on a ledge looking in distance with a green foliage in the background

First of all, let's make this clear- The above image is not at all related to stuff we are going to talk about. We just wanted you to pause or maybe it actually means something! Also, amongst all the seriousness we forgot that today is 1st of April.
Moving on to the actual point of discussion here- Social media engagement has always been a challenge for us. We understand and acknowledge that we are really good at in-person communication, but we fall behind in communicating the same through our website and social media. Since, we all have plenty of time at our hand right now, we gave it a lot of thought but couldn't come up with something that was engaging enough. Perhaps, as pointed out by our friends, we are restricting ourselves by trying to remain within the formal boundaries that we might have created around Cotton Rack and us.
Here it goes then, let's forget these boundaries for a while and see what comes up. Ofcourse, breaking the existing mould will spoil "the look and feel" of our Instagram wall (that we are really proud of!) apart from few other things. This will certainly make us cringe but life actually is all about stepping out of our comfort zones (and not our houses) and taking risks. Let this be an experiment.
For next few days, we shall be sharing some informal stories from our life, work and travels. We might share some videos and posts that might look like unfinished (because they are!). And please don't mind us if you see random vlog style updates from us, in fact, this write-up was meant to be a video but we dropped it for later.
With all this about to happen there are still two points to talk about. Firstly, please participate, be it questioning or sharing your own experiences and stories with us through comments, shares and likes and over emails. That will also help us understand in which direction should we move next. Secondly, as it is said amongst the business community- bhul chuk leni deni maaf (Errors & Omissions Excepted, E&OE). We are bound to make mistakes and seem unprofessional at times and we understand that we cannot make everyone happy, please be forgiving! Hope, this will make all of us better humans in these testing times. So stay tuned for upcoming content and till the next update/post- Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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