Happy New Year

On every new year’s eve, we make resolutions! We know that you are already smiling reading that but let’s go through it again. We make resolutions! Most of the times we don’t even last a day. And sometimes we go beyond stick to them for a lifetime.

While we enter this new year of 2019, we are making a resolve too. We resolve to create a fully functional ecommerce portal for Cotton Rack as soon as possible. In the quest for the same, the first thing that needed to be done was to lay foundation of the website and make it live for everyone. So here it is- cottonrack.com in its most elemental form. Feedback is welcome!

We are doing one more thing. We are adding a blog page to this website. This blog, for us, defines our ‘Intent’. An intent to create a circular economy around Homespun, Hanwoven fabrics and Handicraft sector. This can only be achieved by building an active community by engaging the masters, tinkerers and the patrons. A community where we can share stories as well as edify ourselves about all the beautiful crafts around us and the people working with them.

So, a very happy new year to you all and we at Cotton Rack hope that you relish our blog posts as well as encourage us in our journey to get this website up and running as soon as possible. And in case you feel like you have a story that you want us to share with the world, write to us and we will try getting it up here.

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