Hold Tight! Khadi garbs are coming soon
Hold Tight! Khadi garbs are coming soon
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About Us

Handloom Closeup Cotton Rack

Our Story

Few years ago, sometime around 2008, during one of our countless sessions where we used to sit down with our dearest of the dear friends and talk about world politics, society and our contribution to it, we realized that “action speaks louder than words” indeed is true. And rather than simply debating on today’s burning issues, one has to take some action to bring in change. And we as fresh design graduates, wanted to bring in a positive change.

In late 2013, we started formulating a lifestyle brand that needed to be accessible, ethical and eco-friendly. And it also needed to be able to plug in a gap in the market place to stay relevant and be successful as a business model. We went through many new age novelty fabrics which are eco-friendly and had a lot of potential but they really missed on the emotional quotient. That is when we started questioning our “basics” about who we really are, our legacy in textiles, searching for a fabric that was truly humane in nature. We silently looked at each other and “KHADI” we screamed, our first love since we started learning textiles. A homespun, handwoven fabric that is so grounded and cardinal that it formed not only the foundation of modern fabrics but has an entire nation’s struggle for independence woven into it.

Hence, Cotton Rack was born, a grounded and socially responsible ethical lifestyle brand with simplicity at its core. A contemporary take, that satisfies our modern needs without losing the traditional essence. A brand that brings back the original glory that this homespun and handwoven fabric truly deserves by aspiring the young again. And all of this while bringing a change to lives of the maker, the wearer and the environment.

Our Team


Rameshwari Kaul Co-Founder Cotton Rack
Rameshwari, a textile design graduate from NIIFT, Mohali & a post graduate from NIFT, New Delhi, has extensive experience in working with craft clusters & Handicrafts. She has worked with KVIC, Directorate of Handlooms and also worked as a buyer with a leading Indian ethnic wear brand. She confesses by Khadi & working on taking it to the global stage. She is Co-founder of Cotton Rack, presently handles designing, production & quality.




Vinayak Sharma Co-Founder Cotton Rack
Vinayak is a NIFT, New Delhi graduate in fashion & apparel designing. He has worked as menswear designer for a well known premium menswear brand. An avid social media enthusiast, he is Co-founder of Cotton Rack & his job is to make sure the brand remains visible & reaches wider audience using sales & marketing tools. He is currently working on bringing in more products under the Cotton Rack fold.




Mohan Lal Mahawar
Mohan comes from a traditional Rajasthani weaver family. Now living in Jaipur, he has experience of more than 15 years as a sample man. He has been instrumental in setting up tailoring quality standards of Cotton Rack products and introducing us to the weaving community around Jaipur. He currently handles pattern making, sampling, cutting & finishing, alongwith, supervising productions. In short, he is our very own Chuck Norris.


About Rayil Kul Associates Private Limited

Cotton Rack is a clothing brand owned by Rayil Kul Associates Private Limited. Rayil Kul is a Kashmiri noun for Cedar Tree (Rayil: Cedar; Kul: Tree) which is an embodiment of our moto- to aim higher than the highest just like a Cedar Tree. Rayil Kul Associates Private Limited was set up with an aim of creating socially impactful businesses that operate in ethical work environments and build a community of concious humans for a better future. To reach us, view our Contact Us page.