Covid-19 Update

Giloy stem sprouting new leaves

And suddenly you just know… it is time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings

A lot has been happening around us. From an economic slowdown, to lockdown, to our loved ones in self-quarantine. We have been questioning on how to sustain, considering the fact that we directly work with weavers, some of whom are solely dependent on us for their livelihood.
With the Covid-19 pandemic on rise, we have decided to halt our operations at our studio, this may sound grim but the picture is actually bright here. While our staff continues to get paid, our weavers are happily weaving from the safety of their homes and that is the beauty of rural economy. Each weaver has a hand-loom at his house in the green villages they live in and none of them have to step out to make money.
There is a lot we can learn from the self-sustained rural economy and that is where we are going to spend our new found time with our offline events postponed and with online sales on hold.

Ps: We had planted this Amruth stem (also known as Giloy) 5 months ago and were wondering if we should pull it out and plant something else instead. The stem finally started sprouting leaves this week. It reaffirms our belief that a new beginning is around the corner. We just need to be patient and let the nature have its time.

Update: You can now support us and our artisans and boost their morales while we all are in lockdown by purchase special gift cards which can be redeemed for the same value and at any given time. Check out these Special Gift Cards by clicking here!

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