A Thank You Note to Om Puri Foundation

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Poster of an Indian Handloom weaver while weaving alonwith a thank you note and a photograph go Actor Om Puri and Dastkar Logo
To cut it down to fewer words, we could've never imagined that the help will come to our weavers

It's Okay

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Staircase made out of stone going upwards towards lush green trees. A photograph from Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
Remember, you are not alone in this. Know that even the most confident of the people are just as unsure as you are.

Garage Find

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Chikoo also known as Sapota a fruit held in hand with a lot of greenery around
Why always share something related to crafts or from our own line of business? Let's move away a bit from that, today, we are sharing a short story written by Vinayak around 2008, a story about a "Garage Find".

Coming Out!

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A Langur sitting on a ledge looking in distance with a green foliage in the background
The above image is not at all related to stuff we are going to talk about or maybe it actually means something!

Covid-19 Update

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Giloy, Amruth Stem Sprouting new Leaves
With the Covid-19 pandemic on rise, we have decided to halt our operations at our studio, this may sound grim but...